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Our History

Who are we ?

African Trading Oil exists in the DRC, Repulic of Congo, Angola, Gabon with extensions in overseas countries in particular
the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

A large energy company, ATOL employs globally more than 500 experienced and well-trained people in the Oil and Gas field and dissimilated around the world.

ATOL is a growing, competitive and expert force in the Trading of petroleum products and derivatives.

Born from the desire to provide innovative and suitable solutions in the supply of the countries of the Gulf of Guinea in crude and refined petroleum products as well as their derivatives.

Based in the United Kingdom, its expansion has taken on global proportions through a surge of competitiveness on the oil market, particularly in various countries (DRC, Republic of Congo, Angola, Gabon and the United Arab Emirates).

ATOL is managed by a young and dynamic team made up of people equipped and possessing perfect knowledge in the field of petroleum.

The proven expertise of its management team promotes the achievement of its mission which is the satisfaction of its customers and the preservation of the environmental order (reduction of pollution).

Specialized in the marketing of crude petroleum products, refined as Lubricants, ATOL complies with the specifications of different countries served by its products (Diesel, Super Fuel, JET A1 …).

ATOL works with competence and expertise on each of the operations (Loading and unloading) in full collaboration with world-class independent inspectors in sight to certify the quality and quantity of its products.

ATOL therefore wants to be a real asset for the development economic development of Africa by promoting the emergence of African management.

ATOL also puts human potential at the center of its activities.

ATOL FOUNDATION intends, in the years to come, to participate in the well-being of the population of the countries served by it in vulnerable situations thanks to its actions to help the sick, orphans, elderly people, etc.

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